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When choosing a bed, you first need to decide which model you need:

double bed.
The first option is a good choice for someone who lives alone. Also, single beds are placed in the room in which the child lives. The double model is a classic solution for a married bedroom.

Such furniture is made of different materials today. Traditional options are chipboard, MDF, plywood. If you like furniture that looks especially solid, you should pay attention to solid wood products. Metal beds are also very popular today. They may seem quite heavy, but such furniture is characterized by particularly high strength and durability.

The mattress for the bed should be chosen taking into account its size. It is also necessary to take into account the rigidity of the product. There are several degrees:

above average;
Much of the choice depends on both your personal preferences and the recommendations of doctors. For example, children who have not yet formed a spine, it is better to sleep on a hard base. Medium-hard mattresses for beds are suitable for teenagers and young people. Elderly people are recommended to choose softer models in order to relieve stress from the joints, not to disrupt blood flow and increase comfort.

Orthopedic mattresses with anatomical effect are very popular today. People who sleep on them feel especially comfortable. In addition, such beds and mattresses are well suited for people who have any problems with the musculoskeletal system. They are equipped with spring blocks, which can be:

Also, when choosing, it is necessary to pay attention to the material that is used as a filler. It can be, for example, latex, polyurethane foam, coconut coir.

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